Girl’s Night Out LBD


I’m pretty sure every girl loves wearing a little black dress. I was thrilled when I found this one because I’ve always wanted a long-sleeved, backless LBD. It was fate, guys. While we were in San Francisco visiting my cousin and her fiance, they took us to the Haight-Ashbury district, which is basically every vintage shopper’s dream. As much as I love browsing through vintage stores, I almost never find anything because limited sizes just come with the territory when you’re looking at used clothes. But there are so many great shops in the Haight, you’re just bound to find something. Or several things. It was so. fun.

I spotted this dress at a great shop called Wasteland. Their stuff isn’t necessarily vintage–a lot of it looked like it was from the past 10 years. But their buyers do a great job collecting really cool, stylish pieces. Of all the shops … Read More >

San Francisco

Ryan here, not the fabulous Esquire. “The Bay Area” is probably a more accurate title for this post. Our recent trip to San Francisco took us both around the city and outside it. We walked The Castro at night, we shopped in Haight-Ashbury, we walked along the bay to Fishermans Wharf, took a quick stroll through Chinatown, explored Muir Woods, and sampled wines in Napa Valley.

The whole trip, we did our best to find and eat great food. Look for a full post on our San Francisco eats coming soon.

bay-area-2Read More >

Providence Canyon State Park


Ryan is always looking for local adventures. When he discovered Georgia had it’s own “Little Grand Canyon” in Providence Canyon State Park, we knew we had to check it out. We weren’t disappointed. The views were breathtaking, with varying orange and off-white hues. Seriously, it looked like a watercolor painting. Apparently this gorgeous canyon is a result of “poor farming practices during the 1800s.” Now we get to enjoy it! How American.

A Few Things to Know before Visiting Providence Canyon State Park:

1. Wear Proper Shoes. This place is muddy. Your shoes will get wet and stained with Georgia clay. Dress accordingly. #clayiscray

2. Bring a Lunch. I wish we had done this. This place is basically in the middle of nowhere. There is a Subway and a BBQ place nearby, but overall you don’t have many options. For us, this trip was a stop on the way to our … Read More >

Spring Transition


Spring is almost here! That means we are getting to that awkward point of the season where you have to “layer” in order to avoid being in a situation where you are either sweating like a pig (do pigs even sweat?) or freezing. Temperatures are fickle–you have to dress in a way that doesn’t commit. It’s so annoying. Of course, it does make for perfect weather, so I will stop being a brat now and just tell you what I wore.

On this mild weather day, I opted for a slouchy sweater and an embellished tank-top. … Read More >

4 Stops on Buford Highway

Ryan here, not the fabulous Esquire, to share about some great weekend fun. Part of an international community northeast of Atlanta, Buford Highway offers up a variety of interesting and authentic cuisines. We wanted to try several places and decided an afternoon trek up the highway, trying food at various spots with a couple friends, was in order.

We started with Cuban food, splitting a Cuban sandwich and yuca frita at Havana Restaurant.

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