Loafers with a Sultry Dress


As a recent law school grad, my life now revolves completely around studying for the bar exam. Like, completely. They tell you “oh, it’s just like a full time job!”. And then you get your Barbri schedule and realize it’s like a full time job, but 7 days a week instead of 5 days a week and oh here are 20 extra assignments from your “personal study plan” for funzies.

But this was one of those times I could get away, because it kind of gets to a point in the day where you can’t really focus, anyway. I wore this to the kick off event for Last Call Pub Crawls (which was super fun, btw). Since I don’t get to go out as much now, I wanted to seize the moment and wear something fun. This dress is by Nasty Gal but I actually bought it at a thrift shop … Read More >

Brunch On the Chattahoochee River


I’m about to graduate from law school, which means Ryan and I are trying to make it to all of our must-see places and restaurants before we move out of Atlanta. One of those places was Canoe, a restaurant that overlooks the Chattahoochee River. Being an ocean girl, I thought the river view would be meh. But their outdoor area is gorgeous. It’s tough to get seating outside, but the inside has a big window that looks out to the river, and when you’re done eating you can just wander outside and find a chair by the water.

This was during finals. Those of you who have experienced law school finals know that “cute” isn’t a thing at this time of year. Dirty hair and sweat pants are more like it. But things are a little different when you are in your last semester ever. If this were 1L, I would have been … Read More >

San Francisco Eats

Ryan here, filling in for my fabulous wife to write about some food on our San Francisco trip.

San Francisco offers a variety of cuisines, with heavy influence from Asian cultures and a commitment to seafood. We always try to take a bit of not only famous foods, but places that are unique to the location. Additionally, since we toured San Francisco with a couple locals, they guided us to a few of their favorite spots.

Our first stop was In-N-Out Burger. Being from the East Coast, neither of us had ever had it before (don’t worry East side, we prefer Shake Shack) but it was solid.

in-n-out-burgerRead More >

Girl’s Night Out LBD


I’m pretty sure every girl loves wearing a little black dress. I was thrilled when I found this one because I’ve always wanted a long-sleeved, backless LBD. It was fate, guys. While we were in San Francisco visiting my cousin and her fiance, they took us to the Haight-Ashbury district, which is basically every vintage shopper’s dream. As much as I love browsing through vintage stores, I almost never find anything because limited sizes just come with the territory when you’re looking at used clothes. But there are so many great shops in the Haight, you’re just bound to find something. Or several things. It was so. fun.

I spotted this dress at a great shop called Wasteland. Their stuff isn’t necessarily vintage–a lot of it looked like it was from the past 10 years. But their buyers do a great job collecting really cool, stylish pieces. Of all the shops … Read More >

San Francisco

Ryan here, not the fabulous Esquire. “The Bay Area” is probably a more accurate title for this post. Our recent trip to San Francisco took us both around the city and outside it. We walked The Castro at night, we shopped in Haight-Ashbury, we walked along the bay to Fishermans Wharf, took a quick stroll through Chinatown, explored Muir Woods, and sampled wines in Napa Valley.

The whole trip, we did our best to find and eat great food. Look for a full post on our San Francisco eats coming soon.

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