4 Stops on Buford Highway

Ryan here, not the fabulous Esquire, to share about some great weekend fun. Part of an international community northeast of Atlanta, Buford Highway offers up a variety of interesting and authentic cuisines. We wanted to try several places and decided an afternoon trek up the highway, trying food at various spots with a couple friends, was in order.

We started with Cuban food, splitting a Cuban sandwich and yuca frita at Havana Restaurant.

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Sporty Look: Exploring Maclay Gardens State Park


Last weekend we visited Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park in Tallahassee, Florida. I used to love visiting the gardens as a kid, and I was excited to bring Ryan and our dog, Meadow. They have a no-dogs-allowed policy for the gardens, which was kind of sad because that’s really the most impressive part of the park. Our only option with the dog was to take the trails, which mostly consisted of dirt and brush. We walked about a mile while I tried not to get my white converse dirty (horrible shoe choice for this adventure–I thought we’d be in the gardens where the paths are paved). I was tired and cranky because I was picturing a day looking at gorgeous hedges and oak trees, and instead got a bunch of dead trees that blocked my view of the lake.

When we finally got to the clearing, though, it took my breath away. … Read More >

Goodwill-Skirt Party Look


The fashion community never ceases to advise its readers to visit “Vintage Shops” to find unique pieces. The problem is that the prices at most of these places are way hiked up. Mind you, I am of the opinion that if you really like something and it’s unique, the hiked up price might be worth it. But then there’s Goodwill, where we don’t have to worry about any of that. Plus, you’re putting money back into the charity when you buy something there, and you never know what you’re going to find—so why not give it a chance?

I found this copper pleated skirt at Goodwill for $3. THREE DOLLARS. It does not fit. I can mostly zip up the back, but I can’t clasp the hook and eye closure; it’s just waaaaay too tight for comfort. I don’t know who owned this before me or how she could have been so tiny. You guys, I am already freakishly … Read More >

Wear an Evening Bag during the Day


Why wear an evening bag during the day, you ask? Because it sparkles, duh.

Sparkle factor aside, my shoulders have been very grateful for this teeny-tiny-cross-body-bag trend. Although it seems to conflict with the phone-screens-getting-bigger-and-bigger trend. The last time micro purses were this popular, it was the early part of the 2000s when we all thought that the smaller the phone, the more modern. Remember Zoolander’s baby flip phone? That would have fit perfectly into our tiny Coach shoulder bags! But now we have these miniature TVs to try and fit into our even more miniature purses. I have the iPhone 5 and it still fits, but I don’t even know what I would do with the iPhone 6 Plus. Seriously Apple, unless we have a giant bag renaissance reminiscent of the  Olsen Twins circa 2007, stop increasing the size of your phones.… Read More >

The Faux Cropped Top Dress


Cropped tops are a great trend. They are adorable. I have yet to have the guts to wear one.

You see, there was a period of time called the early 2000s where fashion idols were the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera—I’m talking pants lower than your underwear, and teeny–tiny baby gap tops (see here and here). I knooow, they were good times. But scarring, too. I had sworn off belly shirts! Borderline dress–length tops came with a vengeance right after that. Around 2006 every t-shirt suddenly had these crazy long torsos as if to say “we are never, ever doing this belly shirt thing again no matter HOW LOW your pants are!” Sure, since then, tops got back to normal hip–area lengths and high waisted pants became cool.  I was able to jump onboard those trends right away. But now the cropped top is back again, this time … Read More >

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